It was December 23, 1901, when the Aiding Tens of Gilead Lutheran Church held their regular meeting.

     “The Aiding Tens” was organized on October 24, 1900 at the home of Mrs. J. H. Weaver, to be a society that would use their saved monies to pay for local expenses of the church. The name came from 14 bands of ten ladies each to form a band. Each band would pay $10.00 or more by the first of May in 1901. All bands together would use their money to help out with local church expenses. Each lady saved money from sales of cream, eggs, cakes, bread, etc during the past summer. Thus the name Aiding Tens.

     This particular meeting was noted by a motion made and carried to use money from their account to purchase four new stained glass windows of which one would be a “Moses” picture window dedicated to Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Weaver, our 18th Pastor.

     Around the beginning of the1900’s our beautiful stained glass windows of our sanctuary have glorified the Lord. Sunshine coming through the windows at Sunday worship is spectacular. 

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