Military Outreach

Package for Deployed Military Unit


Caleb Lawlor, grandson of Al and Vinnie Coonradt is a Senior Airman in the Air Force, and is currently serving in the United Arab Emirates. 


In our mission of taking care of our congregation, Caring Connections (on behalf of Gilead’s congregation) collected items to send to Caleb's unit.  Requested items were:

  • Card games, water guns, bubbles, DVDs (old ones);
  • Chips, microwave popcorn, gum.
  • Funny greeting cards, magazines on cars and hunting.

Anything sent to our troops from home is most appreciated and always shared with others in the unit.

If a member has a relative that is currently serving overseas and would like Gilead to recognize that service, please contact Eleanor Bode at 279-9901.


Blessings to all for your support as Gilead reaches out to our community and our congregation.




 The music therapy program held at the VA hospital is a new Gilead outreach for veterans who benefit from music that may meet the needs of those with PTSD.   One of our members is a patient in this program and through him Caring Connections has contacted the program director and they let us know what is needed for the program.  Any monetary donations or physical donations of equipment is collected when the director sees a need for items.  From our outreach funds we've donated two CD players, donations also received for drum sticks, and at a Story Dinner collected $79 for the program's use. 

Gilead’s Caring Connections:


Eleanor Bode – Chair

 Sue Alderman

 Marion Brown

 Betty Britt

 Vinnie Coonradt

 Glenn Hayner



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