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Gilead’s new “Caring Connections” committee regards all our members who may need spiritual uplifting at and celebration at one time or another. This service is available to be there for all of us. The Lord cares about each of us and holds us in the palm of his hand to protect us against all types of troubles or praise us for those precious actions one has been given.



Reaching out to our military veterans and our youth is also a focus of Caring Connections.


Gilead is truly blessed by our members who continually work through his Spirit to help anyone needing care or comfort. Do you care to give a hand? Join with us and stay connected with our members letting God’s work bring pleasure to others.  All members are welcomed as part of the “Caring Connections” where everyone may feel the power of faith move the Spirit from one to another - with love!



                 To our Gilead Military Veterans:


Gilead’s Caring Connections would like to reach out to members of the Gilead community who are veterans. If you’ve served in the U.S. or abroad, combat or non-combat, or have retired, we would like to recognize your service. We’re not asking that you be present at any service or appear before the congregation.   We would just like to know who you are, your branch of service, etc. so we could correspond with you at certain times of the year and just “keep in touch,” and create a list of those who have served in any way.

If you care to reach out to us, please either call or email Eleanor Bode (Chairperson) at 279-9901 or

Eleanor Bode, Chairperson                              

Glenn Hayner                                                                   

Marion Brown

Betty Britt

Sue Alderman

Thank you. And thank YOU for your service to America.


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